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IRL Backpack
All-in-one mobile streaming setup

The IRL backpack is the best solution for up to 12 hours of high-quality mobile live streaming. It includes all components that you need to start streaming in 1080p @ 60fps: A camera with great image stabilization, a video encoder and a high-capacity battery. Contact us for more information and order your backpack today.

High-quality mobile streaming.

All inclusive

The streaming backpack contains all parts necessary for high-quality mobile streaming.

Up to 12 hours battery life

The high-capacity battery included in the backpack allows up to 12 hours of mobile streaming.

Stable connection

Use up to 4 networks simultaneously for high connection stability.¹


Compared to other high-quality broadcasting solutions the IRL streaming backpack is very budget-friendly.


Start and stop your streams with the touch of a button. Using your streaming backpack is child's play.

High-quality microphone

The integrated microphone enables high-quality stereo recordings.

Stationary usage

Limitless streaming using an external power source.

Full-HD quality

High-quality video with up to 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second.

Image stabilization

The backpack is designed for usage in motion. Even while walking the image is smooth and stable.

1: Additional cloud bonding service sold separately required. Contact us for more details.


The mesh on the side allows best air flow for cooling the video encoding unit. On the inside of the backpack there is a nice layout of pockets that allows you to keep your equipment in place. As with all Manfrotto equipment the backpack is very durable and high-quality.

Video streaming encoder

At the heart of your setup there needs to be a video encoder that takes the video signal, encodes it and sends it to the Internet. This device can utilize up to four different internet connections simultaneously: 1x Ethernet, 1x WiFi, 2x USB. In case one of the connections or in the worst case three connections lose the signal, you would still have a backup connection.

LTE Modems

We deliver our IRL backpacks with two LTE modems for best reliability and stability. In order to utilize more than one network connection you will need a cloud bonding service. A one year license costs 400€ excl. VAT and can be bought from us together with your IRL backpack.


The encoding unit is a very high-powered device. It needs a lot of energy to encode the up to 1080p @ 60fps video. Using the included powerbank, you can stream up to 12 hours without recharging.


There are a lot of different possibilities and options you can choose from. Most streamers use action cams due to the great image stabilization, the extremely wide angle lens and the small size. Some streamers use DSLR cameras for even better image quality. You should keep in mind that this is going to be very heavy and the shaking makes the stream less enjoyable even if the lens is better.

The perfect setup utilizes OBS

After installing everything you are basically ready to go to start a basic stream. As you probably want your stream to be as professional as possible after investing in such a setup, we recommend using either a Cloud OBS Server or, if you already have a Streaming PC, your local OBS in combination with an IRL RTMP Server. Both servers automatically and intelligently manage your stream. If you lose signal, the server automatically switches to a different scene that informs your viewers that the stream will continue soon. Otherwise the stream could end completely and you could lose viewers.

The servers also allow you to have overlays and alerts in your stream, just like when you stream from your home studio. In addition intelligent algorithms make sure that your connection is as stable as possible. We offer these servers from 720p @ 30fps for a budget-friendly stream and up to 720p @ 60fps for best quality. If you should have any questions, simply drop us an email and we will help you with your mobile stream setup.

COVID-19 information

Despite the COVID-19 virus we are still delivering most servers within 24 hours.